Friday, May 10, 2013

Molly Gamble Class Responses

Frankenstein: Week I

Well, I'm familiar with this story.  However, this was my first time actually listening to the novel, rather than reading it.  Listening to the narrator give each voice an individual tone and expression was very engaging, and created a new atmosphere in this familiar story for me. 

Reading this book a second time through made me think deeper about humans emphasis on outwards appearances.  Honestly, it's hard for me to take a stance along the lines of "looks don't matter." Why? because I like to think that I'm logical.  Scientifically speaking, you should be afraid of something that looks like frankensteins monster.  We are attracted to things that are beautiful because they usually mean they are healthy and will encourage life.  If humans weren't shallow, we would be a weak, sickly race.  So obviously I felt bad for the monster, but not enough to honestly think I would have behaved any differently towards him. 

Mill On The Floss

The relationship between maggie and her brother was really thought provoking to me throughout this novel.  It made me deeply reflect the relationship between my brother and I.  We have never gotten along, however at the end of the day he is always the one to break the tension with some intense action of love.  

The last thing that happened before I left for college was an explosive fight between us.  We called each other names, he pushed me and I punched him.  I'm not proud of what happened, but both of us have a temper and I was raised in a family where violence wasn't really a big deal.  However, he immediately apologized and broke down in tears and told me he loved me.  I always associate myself with difficult sister/brother relationships.  However instead of my being jealous of him, he has spoken out many times on being jealous of me.  He has always struggled in school where I've excelled.  It makes me feel bad that he struggles, but at the same time I don't think he is dedicated enough to make the changes necessary so I don't really see his jealousy changing until he can really learn to focus and manage his time. 

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