Friday, May 3, 2013

Reading Response: Ramblin’ Russian Man don’t sing no songs

N. Sparrow
Frances DeRosa
19c Lit & Culture

“But what can a decent man speak of with most pleasure? Answer: Of himself. Well, so I will talk about myself. “

Ramblin’ Russian Man don’t sing no songs, there’s nothing underground or unique about acting like a teenage girl, Dostoevsky

            Oh gosh reading the first few pages, I wanted to pull somebody’s hair out, not mine I like it too much, but he was not saying anything.  When he opens I suppose I was under the impression that he was going to tell me a story about a man, instead he just travels deep inside the mind of an imaginary man, who knows if they are really the thoughts of Dostoevsky or his fiction. 
            I had to warm up to his babbling. ‘Ech. I have talked a lot of nonsense, but what have I explained? How is enjoyment in this to be explained? But I will explain it. I will get to the bottom of it! That is why I have taken up my pen…’ I kind of doubt he will get to explain I though, he appears to most often ramble and then get so close a point and then steer clear of it, like a frightened coward.  He does say some insightful things one of them not being that man is stupid. Yet he uses that to bolster most of his arguments. He talks about the fact that some men see themselves as mice, when no one has asked them to do so and it becomes a self-diminishing spiral. How our perception of ourselves can be quite damaging. This causes people to be spiteful and envious of others because of the illusion that others are always picking on them because they are lowly.
            If I learn anything from him, from the honest common man that he is trying to portray is that its pretty hard to express how you really feel. There are so many factors in your way. Whether it is the fact that man is stupid or you feel someone is stunting your fee will it does not make a difference.  But the narrator/ author describes himself as someone who is lost, and if he’s at a loss for words describing it, its not a wonder that someone could be at a loss for understanding reading it. I understood some of what he was saying though, man is stupid, hey that can be great or not, and math is evil. I agree with those two things. I guess its funny or ironic but I kind of enjoyed that he doesn’t understand himself, who really does?

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  1. LOVE the title.. it Rocks.;
    and wonder if Hamlet on the beach in his pre-Juliet bad rhyming false love isn't as bad as any teenager of any gender.